Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hope everyone is having a great holiday! Im sick, which sucks.
Anyways, this is a short 17 second final I made using 3D Max. We had to create an animation using a short audio clip (something like the 11 Second Club). The audio clip is from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the background music is from Plumtree titled "Scott Pilgrim" Hopefully I would like to do something more with these dudes. Thanks guys!

OH! and I also got this for Christmas! (no joke)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PKD Animation and Museum Event!

Hello y'all!
Christmas is near, can you feel it?!
The semester just ended and it was very interesting, meaning pretty hard. One of the greatest things done this semester was the opportunity to work on an animation for a foundation with two great friends, Jeff Beckman ( and John Lopes ( We worked on this animation throughout the semester and the audio was done by two great guys over at Berklee College named Alex Liberatore and Steve Goldshein. The animation is about awareness of PKD (polycystic kidney disease). PKD is a genetic disease that causes the kidney to grow larger with cysts and eventually leading the kidney to die. Over 12 million people worldwide (1 in every 500 people) have PKD. Currently there is no cure for PKD but there are some treatments such as a kidney transplant, but even that is only a 50% chance of being successful. You can learn more here at Here is the animation:

Also the Team and I were fortunate to display our animation at this small event at the Museum of Science in Boston. A few PKD Foundation volunteers, Beth Leven, her husband Mark Leven, and Judy Rubman Ehrlich were kind enough to attend the event and give their support; great people and couldn't thank them enough! The night was inspiring but also very fun.
Here are some photos:

(In order from left to right standing: Beth Leven, Judy Rubman Enrlich, John Lopes, Jeff Beckman, Joel Burgos, Jason Wiser. Kneeling: Alex Liberatore, Steve Goldshein)

(Joel Burgos, Jeff Beckman, John Lopes, Alex Liberatore, Steve Goldshein)

Also this is the man behind the camrea, M.E. Negron:

We would like to thank everyone who came; Beth and Judy for coming and supporting, our instructor, Jason Wiser, the audio men, Alex and Steve, and M.E. Negron, the legend.
Also don't forget to check out www.PKDCure.Org!
Thank you again!

Ok, I'm done talking.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

-Joel Burgos

This song has been in my head all week.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Poster time

This is a joke poster I made for the short 3D animation I just wrapped up for a class and a future project?? :0 dun dun dun

Thursday, December 9, 2010

17 Second Shot

This is a shot of a short 17 second 3D animation I am working on. Hopfully the video would be posted soon!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010